Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Danger Is A Metropolitan Risk

To follow up the last post, Memphis has been ranked the third most dangerous of 330 metropolitan areas, following Detroit and New Orleans. In an interesting footnote, as a city, Memphis ranks 16th among 369 cities. It's as a metro area that it really moves up the list. By the way, the Jackson, TN, metro is ranked as the 18th most dangerous metro area. So much for rural bliss.

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mike said...

This is a purely anecdotal data point, but still:

Two women who were refugees from New Orleans thanks to Katrina moved into the (modestly nice) building across the street. They were from downtown NO, but after just three days they were arguing with the landlord. They demanded to be released from their agreement because of the constant drug traffic in and out of the building!

They said they'd heard about Memphis crime but were shocked at how bad it really was. They were gone by the end of the first week.