Thursday, August 24, 2006

Growing Up In Cities

This week on Smart City:

Growing up in cities shouldn't be difficult. Good cities have ample sidewalks, parks, unmatched cultural opportunities and plenty of places to play and explore.

But according to David Driskell, UNESCO chair of Growing Up in Cities at Cornell, that is increasingly not the case. David is working with students around the world to find out from them how cities can be better places for kids, and he is with us this week to tell us what he's learned. David is a practicing planner with extensive experience in community participation, comprehensive planning, and community design, and he is founding principal of Community Planning Collaborative.

Smart City will also talk with Money magazine staff writer Donna Rosato about why only cities with fewer than 300,000 people qualified for the magazine's annual list of Best Places to Live in America.

And we'll visit with Marianne McGinnis at Prevention magazine about the simple joys and big benefits of city walks.

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