Thursday, April 12, 2007

Suggestion Box Question Of The Week

To prime the pump for our “suggestion box” feature, here’s a question for your consideration:

If you were recruiting someone to move to Memphis and you only had a couple of hours to convince that person, where would you take him/her? Why?

As we said yesterday, we welcome your recommendations on a variety of subject, but we toss this one out to see if it generates any ideas from you.


LeftWingCracker said...

Cooper-Young. I would show them how much house they could get for their money, show them the variety of restaurants and shops within walking distance and how well-kept the neighborhood happened to be.

Tom Guleff said...

Trolley Ride !!!!

Anonymous said...

Wild Bill's!

A ride down Walnut Grove Rd out east. It's not my style of hood, but in spring it's gorgeous.

mike said...

Sorry to be a blog hog this week, but I'll throw out something else to be looked at: the city cab situation. It is unbelievably broken. Twenty to thirty dollars for a cab ride from the airport to downtown? Not being able to hail a cab? Having to wait up to ninety minutes after calling for one?

Isn't there a Cab Commission that artificially limits cab licenses to keep profits high and competition non-existent? Take 'em to the Mississippi and let 'em have a swim.

b said...

Downtown. Then again, you'd have to 'splain the Pyramid.

The Zoo. We have an awesome zoo.

Anonymous said...

I would take them to the Flying Saucer on Friday night because you've got a vibrant bar with Beale Street down the way and Peabody Place just across the street. A good, vibrant experience.

Also, the Madison or Peabody rooftop parties could be good. They're not my scene, but they can be fun and the views are outstanding.

Finally, a Redbirds game. We forget how great that stadium is. Also, I would get them to try the Rendevous BBQ nachos, a treat you can't find at most ball parks.

branston said...

HarborTown for recruiting, Winchester/Bill Morris Parkway from Southwind to Collierville FedEx for reality tour.

galaxiecarol said...
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galaxiecarol said...

I would take them on a walk through Midtown ending at Central BBQ; good food and a beer on the patio. Then end anywhere in Midtown for good music. Hopefully finding Snowglobe or Clanky's Nub playing.

Carol said...

Amen to Mike's comment about cabs. I am in Pittsburgh today where the airport is a $40-$50 cab ride. (It is a very long ride.) But there is a shuttle to downtown for $19.

When I come into Memphis, I usually have no one to pick me up, and the price of a cab ride seems exhorbitant. But there is no alternative. It's cheaper to rent a car than take a cab. Something seems really wrong with that.

But to your question... If the person is being recruited from the Northeast or Midwest, wait until it snows in April (as it did this week), bring them to Memphis, and take them anywhere. With blue sky and budding green, pink, purple and yellow trees, the sale will be much easier.

(And to the last question, we have plenty of parking in downtown. In 30 years, I've never not been able to find a place. And I have never lived with a car under my roof.)

Elizabeth said...

I love the uniqueness and diversity of Cooper Young, and also second the South Main idea.

We recently entertained a visiting artist for a few days. It turned out that what impressed her most were the more casual, "everyday" spots like Soul Fish, P&H, and Fino's.

fearlessvk said...

agree with anon: wild bill's for sure. that place sold ME on memphis - after i already lived here!

Anonymous said...

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