Saturday, May 12, 2007

Memphis' Best Streets And Neighborhoods

This week, we're trying to help out the American Planning Association's Great Places in America campaign to find America's 10 great streets and 10 great neighborhoods.

That's why we're asking you:

Name the great streets and the great neighborhoods of Memphis. And tell us why you think they are.

We'll forward the list on to our APA friends. On May 9, we posted the APA's description of what makes streets and neighborhoods great, but we figure we all know them when we see them.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Definitely Vollintine Evergreen - it features the Greenline, an expanding commercial strip (can't wait for Cafe Eclectic to open), one of the best public schools in the city, Rhodes College, a very active community association, designation as an historic district, and a genuinely diverse population.

Anonymous said...

Cowden Avenue,within The Joffre Area Civic Association, is a great place to live. Cowden is immediately adjacent to the Pink Palace Museum, IMAX and Planetarium. On the other side of the Pink Palace is the Chickasaw Garden's neighborhood which, in addition to some of the most expensive and beautiful houses in the region, also boasts a lake and water fowl preserve which are great places to run, walk or observe natural beauty. Directly to the South of Cowden is the Memphis County Club. There will be no development on that land and they have one of the best private 4th of July firework displays in the region. To the North, there is East High School and park with running track, paved walking trail, baseball diamond, soccer fields and playground. Cowden is a short walk from the main Public Library and the shops of Chickasaw Oaks (La Baguette bakery, etc). A little further down the road, but still a manageable walk is the University of Memphis campus with its endless cultural and educational attractions.
The annual 4th of July parade starts on Cowden and brings together residents and former residents who appreciate the greatness of this neighborhood. On any given night, you will find neighbors talking in their yards or on the sidewalks, kids playing and riding bikes, or an impromptu bar-b-q. Honorary resident, Harry Estes, is a credit to the neighborhood and humanity. He has dedicated his life to being a friend to everyone on Cowden. What a place.

Elizabeth L said...

I have to give east Memphis its due on this one. We have relatives on Mason, in the White Station area. Without a doubt, the school district is excellent. So are the parks, like that adjacent to Richland Elementary. The neighborhoods are filled with families taking walks, kids riding bikes and skating, and groups of neighbors getting together for cookouts. I was admittedly surprised at the number of people who brought food (like some amazing homemade brownies!) to our family as they moved in, just to welcome them to the neighborhood. It is definitely a beautiful, family friendly area deserving of recognition.

Anonymous said...

Scienic Hills in Raleigh is the best. I've lived here all my life and I can't imagine staying anywhere else. I have close relationship with neighbors. They watch my home when I'm away and I watch theirs. Scienic is Beautiful with cherping birds and nice Midddle class and upper middle class homes. It is by far one of Memphis best kept secrets.

Anonymous said...

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