Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creating The "On Your Side" University of Memphis

We’ve been dealing with some heavy duty issues lately, so how about we lighten up as the week comes to an end?

Next week, the guy who brought us the glories of “On Your Side” news at Channel 3 takes over the communications reins at University of Memphis.

So, what do you think this could mean for our university?

Can Provost Ralph Faudree add about about 80 pounds, throw his jacket over his shoulder and become a watchdog for higher education? Or can he rise to the challenge of saying “I” every other sentence.

Can the university’s objective researchers work their own religious beliefs into their reports so they can be "Wisely" on our side?

Can more sensational verbiage replace the academic language of President Shirley Raines? After all, those publish or perish threats sound gang-related.

You can do better than we can. What will be your tip-off that the University of Memphis is now on your side?


Anonymous said...

This may well be the most "heavy duty" isue you have addressed over the past month. Universities are not structured to be responsive and entreprenurial in a competitive market. They must be both for this to happen. Ralph Faudree is a great mathematician who understands naught about working as an urban university. When the university puts resources toward addressing these shortcomings they will begin to be perceived as "on our side."

Anonymous said...

Well, the first thing they'll do is at the first sign of rain in Texarkana, they'll suspend class for the day.

Anonymous said...

Anytime anyone is killed in Orange Mound, they act like it's the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

I think the hysteria of Channel 3 broadcasts has infected University when they tell all the professors to work more emotion into everything that should just be factual. Do we really want them to be on our side? I just want them to give me the news. I'll decide what it means to me, not them.

Anonymous said...

Some of these responses make me believe that they do not understand the question. Dear SMC can you make the question clearer for them/us?