Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Forbes: Memphis Is Most Sedentary City

Forbes posted an article yesterday about the most sedentary cities in the U.S., and unfortunately, Memphis is #1. When the reporter called last week about this, she asked us about the causes and the responses. Here's the article.


LeftWingCracker said...

Thsi hasn't been a really walkable city since the 1940s. Not only that, everyone here seems to have a Scarlett O'Hara-like compulsion for the most land possible, in keeping with the plantation mentality.

irène said...

Carol was right on with this quote:

"the economically bifurcated population, lack of transit options, unwalkable neighborhoods and favored Southern cuisine are a 'deadly formula' for the city."

I think Memphis (at least Midtown) is far more walkable/bikeable than it thinks it is; many people tend to still live like they did when you had to make a 10-15 minute drive to the closest movie theater.