Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Question Of The Week: Fishing For Ideas

We’re continuing our discussion about the future of The Pyramid, which began last Thursday. We hope you’ll join in.

Questions of the week:

What should Memphis do to put The Pyramid to its best use? What objective should city government have in mind as it considers options for the arena? If the choices are Bass Pro Shop and Pyramid Adventure, do you have a preference? Or do you vote “none of the above?”


Anonymous said...

The Pyramid Adventure project, taken as whole (hotels and all) looks great. Once again, I must say "show me the money" for the whole project. This is definitely not the time for another Schlenker boondoogle. Remember the piecemeal way he tore up mud island and then ran out of money?
BTW-isn't it interesting that the design of the building allows pigeons to roost on the leeward side?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of harnessing the "power of the pyramid" and using the facility as a staging site for alternative energy. The idea made a brief appearance in the mayoral campaign, and as expected, immediately evaporated. Why not be on the forefront for once instead of looking for the biggest buck? Sounds a bit outlandish, I know, but hey - you asked. Feel free to throw this fish back in the pond, but as the previous comment already states, no Schlenker heists!

Char said...

Tear it down and build condos.
No Im kidding... but I can see our wondermus govm't trying something that **** outlandish. I like the alternative energy idea alright. And the pyramid adventure project sounds pretty do-able. A casino wouldn't be a bad idea if our economy was a little better. Or maybe we could get a NBA team to play there? Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

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