Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Quiz On Consolidation

Consolidation is equal parts fact and fiction.

Remarkably, more than 35 years of spasmodic attention has done little to illuminate consolidation. For that reason, our past week’s posts have been dedicated to the issue that confounds, confuses and confronts us.

To wrap up the weeklong series, we offer a quiz to test your knowledge about consolidation.

1 – What percentage of consolidation votes in U.S. pass?

a) 50% b) 75% c) 15% d) 5%

2 – If Memphis and Shelby County Governments are consolidated, would the governments of the smaller towns be affected?

Yes No

3 – If Memphis and Shelby County Governments are consolidated, would every one’s tax rate be the same?

Yes No

4 – What percentage of U.S. counties are consolidated?

a) 35% b) 1% c) 20% d) 45%

5 - When’s the last time a county with the population of Shelby County was consolidated?
a) 110 years ago b) 6 years ago c) 42 years ago d) 60 years ago

6 – What city in Tennessee has had more failed consolidation votes?

a) Chattanooga b) Memphis c) Knoxville d) Clarksville

7- Research shows that city-county consolidation saves money?

Yes No

8 – How many of the largest 100 cities in the U.S. have consolidated since 1900?

a) 35 b) 23 c) 9 d) 45

9 – What percentage of all consolidated governments are comparable in size to Memphis and Shelby County?

a) 75% b) 28% c) 42% d) 6%

10 – Pick the consolidated governments:

a) None b) Atlanta c) Dallas d) St. Louis e) Indianapolis f) New Orleans g) All

11 – What was the first city to consolidate?

a) New York b) Honolulu c) Chicago d) New Orleans

12 – Pick the cities where consolidation failed:

a) None b) Charlotte c) Portland d) Albuquerque e) Miami f) Pittsburgh g) All

13 – How many Tennessee counties are consolidated?

a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 9

14 – How many consolidated counties in Tennessee have a population of more than 50,000?

a) 1 b) 3 c) 5 d) 9

15 - What percentage of consolidation votes in Tennessee have been approved since Nashville/Davidson County merged?

a) 10% b) 16% c) 30%

16 – How many times has Memphis voted on consolidation?

a) 2 b) 4 c) 6

17 – What percentage of voters in the last gubernatorial election can sign a petition and require the creation of a consolidation charter commission?

a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 25

18 – How many members are on Nashville’s consolidated government's Council?

a) 15 b) 25 c) 33 d) 40

19 – Of all the consolidated governments in the U.S., how many minor municipalities have remained within the merged government?

a) 0 b) 5 c) 15 d) 22

20 – How much was spent in Louisville by pro-consolidation forces?

a) $500,000 b) $1.25 million c) $2 million d) $3 million

21 – When was Tennessee constitution amended to allow consolidated government?

a) 1925 b) 1947 c) 1953 c) 1959

22 – In Tennessee’s four major cities, how many times has consolidation failed?

a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 d) 10

23 – What is not one of the most frequently used arguments in favor of consolidation?

a) Eliminate duplication b) Improve economy c) Lower taxes d) Efficiency

24 – What percentage of the total land area of Shelby County would be totally under the control of a new consolidated government?

a) 45% b) 55% c) 71% d) 80%

25 – What percentage of the total land area of Shelby County will Memphis control when annexation agreements are fully executed?

a) 45% b) 55% c) 65% d) 75%


1. c.
2. No
3. No
4. b
5. a
6. c
7. No
8. c
9. b
10. e and f
11. d
12. g
13. b
14. a
15. b
16. a
17. a
18. d
19. a
20. c
21. c
22. c
23. c
24. c
25. c


Anonymous said...

Question number 2 must be a trick question. Do the mayors oppose conslidation because it would be too hard to explain to their voters or do they fear they will loose something? If schools are off the table then what is it they fear?

Smart City Consulting said...

A great question.

Anonymous said...

What makes this quiz misleding is that most of the counties in the USA are very small and nothing like Memphis.
Memphis needs to consolidate, Memphis needs to abiolish the schoolboard, it is beholding to the state which shows no interest and not to the city which gives it over 100million dollars a year. This is a travesty.
Our leadership shows little interest in using any common sense or sense at all, just making P.C. policy the norm so that it can be taken advantage of by criminals.

Smart City Consulting said...

Anonymous: We're not sure what point you're making. Yes, most counties in the U.S. are very small and nothing like Memphis. That's the thing - so are most of the consolidated governments. Of the top 100 largest U.S. cities you can count the consolidated ones on two hands.

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