Friday, May 30, 2008

Drawing Up The Economic Development Agenda

We began a conversation Wednesday to develop a list of priorities for Memphis. We hope you will join in and add your comments.

To catch up, here's the original post, "Building An Agenda For Economic Growth," and the follow up comments.


George said...

I feel certain many of your readers have missed the comment left by one of Ms. Louise Mercuro's former employees at MCS on your blog two days ago. It is important that this not be missed by anyone.

I say one of her former employees because Dan Ward, interim superintendent who should have gone home as he said he was going to a couple of weeks ago, has fired Ms. Mercuro. Louise is a treasure who everyone that cares about Memphis and MCS should demand that the school board rehire her at once and remove Mr. Ward.

In all the insanity surrounding recent events at MCS this takes the proverbial cake. I hope others will be joining me and making their voices heard on this matter.

George Lord, PhD

Anonymous said...

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