Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Week On Smart City: A Special Report - Driven To The Brink

Gas prices have reached 4 dollars a gallon across the country. Home prices have plummeted. What does one have to do with the other. Our guest Joe Cortright is an economic analyst for Impresa Consulting in Portland Oregon and speaker at this year's Leadership Memphis "Community Breakfast." His new report, Driven to the Brink, shows how high gas prices are devaluing homes that are further away from amenity-rich city centers.

In addition, Smart City Producer Scotty Iseri brings us a special report about some of the best ways to get around a city that help alleviate the gas crunch.

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Anonymous said...

I'm taking my stimulus money and putting a propane converter on my car. Works better, is cheaper. Maybe I'll go for an electric conversion, $10,000 or less. Maybe I'll just use it for FREE GASOLINE all summer!
Or a verticle axis wind generator and battery bank to power my home air conditioner, freezer, oven, and lights, and an electric hot water heater, no more gas or electric bills. There's plenty of wind in Memphis.
Gee, why hasn't the CITY DONE THAT for government operations? Certain sections don't seem to pay their MLGW bill to the tune of hundrds of millions, effectively double billing the customers in targeted areas (an admission from meter reading staff).
I'm sure their providers don't give it to MLGW for free, someone has to pay for it eventually and usually sooner than later.
Hmmm, you think they'de want to do something right.
The feds have been paying stimulus to the city for years. I guess the paradigm of mismanagement of funds rolls downhill and seems right to the populus thusly.