Thursday, July 27, 2006

Growing Memphis Smart

The topic this week on Smart City is growing our communities in ways that are economically and environmentally smart is today's imperative. This week's guests, which include the author of the Unified Development Code now being written for Memphis and Shelby County, advise communities on the latest strategies for achieving that goal.

Lee Einsweiler is principal with Code Studio in Austin. He is working with municipalities around the country to develop new land use codes that support their evolution over time and a more harmonious way of life. In addition to his work on more than 40 code projects across the country Lee is currently helping protect fragile historic resources and special natural environments with the Metropolitan Planning Commission in Savannah, Georgia, through revisions of their zoning ordinances.

Paul Polizzotto is founder and CEO of EcoMedia where he is bringing companies and cities together to support new environmental projects. Prior to forming EcoMedia, Paul founded Property Prep, an industrial environmental cleaning company where he pioneered a concept known as Urban Watershed Cleaning and a process called Zero Discharge.

Smart City will talk about smarter ways for cities to grow this week on Smart City. Smart City is broadcast on WKNO FM, 91.1, at 9 a.m. Sundays. It is also webcast and podcast at the Smart City website.


Dr. Jones said...

Hello Smart City writers;

I am a novice at utilizing the computer but have initiated a blog site titled Tiger Park.

This site will be to promote the concept of retrofitting the fairgrounds into an adult oriented park that will serve so as to enhance the stadium as well as Midtown.

I have been promoting this idea for almost 3 years. Please check my blog and I welcome your comments.

Don Jones

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy!
Another Planner with a Plan!

Maybe a few whiskey barrel planters along the periphery?

I got it! CHARETTE!! everybody in the pool!!! Get out the markers!
Hooray for new urbanism.

Anonymous said...

Dr. J
I have been following your idea for Tigerpark for well over a year; it is a helluva'n idea. Memphis and the UofM absolutely needs this type of atmosphere to support college football. As it stands, the current Liberty Bowl, fairgrounds, colesium and parking just doesn't suit a college "game day". No where to tailgate or park for that matter.

All you UofM fans, alumni and students need to get on the bandwagon and support this or similar reconfiguration to grounds around the Liberty Bowl. Make it a place you would want to go to on a fall Saturday!

A graduate of Dr. J's school of living!

Anonymous said...


I see where someone has said of Dr. Jones' vision for the stadium grounds that it is just another idea...then makes a few sarcastic remarks...obviously he has no appreciation for the aesthetics inherent in a beautifully designed park nor does he have any comprehension of the economic importance the University of Memphis, the Liberty Bowl and Southern Heritage Classic have for the city. He is correct only in that it is another plan (vision).

To my knowledge there are only 4 visions for the stadium grounds after the Mid-South Fair is removed. The LRK plan, the Kerr Tigrett plan, the Salvation Army plan and Tiger Park.

The LRK plan was accepted as a suitable plan by the study committee appointed by Mayor Herrenton. This is a very good plan....Tiger Park which could be Liberty Bowl Park or Central Park is also a good plan.

The other two plans lack substance. One places great emphasis on providing more athletic facilities while the other is a relegion based facility for the purpose of serving the indigent.

What is this critic's plan?...How can anyone be opposed to a beautiful midtown park. The city continues to consider the prospects for the area but keep in mind that the area, once the fair is gone, no longer is to be called the Fairgrounds because it then becomes the Stadium Grounds.

Is the city pleased with the University of Memphis and do they wish to keep the Liberty Bowl? Yes! Then what better plan than a "Central Park" idea like LRK proposed?