Monday, July 23, 2007

17 Schools Risking State Takeover

In response to Friday's post about the potential takeover by Governor Phil Bredesen of 17 city schools, we were asked for a list of the schools. Here it is: Airways Middle, Carver High, Cypress Middle, East High, Fairley High, Frayser High, Geeter Middle, Hamilton High, Kingsbury High, Sherwood Middle, Southside High School, Treadwell Elementary, Treadwell High, Vance Middle, Westside Middle, Westwood High and Winchester Elementary.

More about this issue later this week.


walter dawson said...

thanks for the list -- a lot of history in the schools on the list, 'tis a shame the school board has let them fall this far.

Save This MG said...

I think the best thing we could do for our school system is get rid of the current school board. Talk about a mess of bumbling egotistical spudheads. Make each principle responsible for their school's performance and hold them accountable. Area-wide programs don't work. What works in one school in south memphis won't work in a school in east memphis. Children respond differently. Parents respond differently. Let each school decide what will work for them and give them the freedom to try new things. Hold the parents responsible. Have each parent spend 2 hours a month in the school volunteering, tutoring or just monitoring a classroom. Make them see what their children go through day in and day out. Get the trouble makers OUT OUT OUT. Put them in some sort of service organization perhaps even a quasi military outfit. Put them to work on a farm in a foreign country so they can see just how nice they have it here and maybe they'll come to appreciate it. If they work, they get to come home. If not, then by damn buy your own ticket home.

Call me radical. Go ahead, doesn't bother me.

Anonymous said...

product of MCS:

its Principal.

not principle.

which the MCS school board seems to lack anyway you spell it.

Anonymous said...

I think the take over is sad. It goes to show how little leadership we have on the school board and in our schools. We need good servant leaders to lead our children and our parents back to high standards.