Saturday, July 19, 2008

From A Colleague Of Cap'n Pete

From Chuck Porter:

As part of the WEVL family, I can’t begin to express the sadness and pain from the loss of our dear friend, Dee “Cap’n Pete” Henderson.

Cap’n Pete and I had a common love for the genre of music we call blues; however, there was more to our friendship than that. We would talk for hours about different types of music and especially what we called “real blues.”

Cap’n Pete wasn’t one that just loved Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, but also of the new contemporary blues as well. His face would light up when you would get him to listen to a song that you knew he would like. He was a quiet- talking man, but once he felt comfortable around you, he would talk about everything from “today’s young kids” to “today’s music.”

We would spend many times in the back parking lot of WEVL next to his antique black Chevrolet pickup, and we always ended our conversations with “that was fun, we should talk like this more often.”

There are special people put into the world for many different reasons. I believe Cap’n Pete was put here to bring people together through music or better yet, to teach kindness and understanding. I learned a lot from you, Cap ’n Pete, and please tell Muddy, Bo, Stevie Ray and Dr. King I said hello.

Your blues buddy,


Anonymous said...

Why does it seem we are losing too many good folks in this city these days? The thugs are winning...

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