Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Things We Love About Memphis: From EcoMemphis

Continuing our intermittent feature, 10 Things We Love About Memphis," here's a great list from EcoMemphis. We continue to welcome your list which we'll post at this address:

1. I love Memphis for it's (nearly subversive) determination to make this a great place to live - nay-sayers be damned.

2. I love the suburbs. There's a lot of cool stuff happening out there even hip midtowners would envy.

3. I love that Memphis is understanding that we don't have to seek permission from our political leaders to have the communities we want.

4. I love that Memphis has tremendous appreciation for beauty - in our art, in our yards, in our performers.

5. I love there's still a sense of 'new-ness' here. That we can make Memphis what we want it to be.

6. I love that we have strong multi-cultural communities.

7. I love that we have a strong, positive history/identity - we know it, we own it, and we don't apologize for it.

8. I love that we are Southerners, and will be pushed, but only so far. There are many times, when what we care about is put on the line. Then, we stand strong and take care of business.

9. I love that we love our babies. Memphis has a tremendous culture of parenthood and trying our damnedest to be the best we can be.

10. I love our parks - Riverside Park, Shelby Farms, Shelby Forest, Peabody Park, Cancer Survivers Park - with lots of activities like golf, frisby golf, tracks, hiking, boating, fishing, etc. I feel lucky to have these available.


Zippy the giver said...

I hope it wouldn't be sacrilege to ask for stats that back up some of these things you love. If it is, feel free to delete this comment.

Smart City Consulting said...


No one has to offer any statistics or data. This is about feelings and what each of us loves about Memphis.

EcoMemphis said...


If you're not seeing this, we suggest you leave your sofa behind and participate in some of the groovy things happening in Memphis.

Did you go to the Pillow Fight in Memphis? Do you attending any of the shared-group meetings in Memphis? The Greenline Meetings, the knitting group hanging out at the Eclectic Cafe? When was the last time you enjoyed the sight of the Mississippi River, or the sound of the frolicking children/dogs at Shelby Farms? When is the last time you spent a lazy afternoon at the zoo?

It's way too easy to sit on "statistics"; it's far easier than reaching out to fellow Memphians - to get to know them; it's easier than participating in the bounty of things Memphis and the surrounding area have to offer.

We don't require statistics - we have memories, friends and more fun/engaging things to do than we have time for.

Smart City Consulting said...



And for the record, we're for etching your list in concrete.

Thanks for sharing it.

Zippy the giver said...

Tut tut, I was just asking a question.
I was not that serious, but, since you went off, taste some of my reality of Memphis.
I'm too busy when I'm outside, dodging thugs, they don't use pillows. Maybe little lead pillows or big iron pillows that they throw real fast. I'd leave the kids at home but, I'm afraid to because of the thugs I've had to bring down at gunpoint in my yard. I don't enjoy the loose dogs in my neighborhood, last time I took my son for a walk we got two blocks before I had to draw my gun on a loose pitbull that chased us up the street.
I have a memory too, and though it may sound like I'm being funny, all that stuff I mentioned happened, so, you can go sit on your statistics and your suppositions.
If I could I would fix this stinking "atro-city".
Nope, I'm not a criminal and never have been.
Your Assumption is wrong, I'm glad you're having a good time here though, just because I'm not doesn't mean everyone shouldn't.

It must be nice not to have to acknowledge statistics that matter, you're part of the WHUHT?

And you didn't listen.
I told you to delete the original comment if you didn't like it, but, no, look where you went with it, you made up a reality for me in your head that has nothing to do with my reality on the ground, where my feet are, and because you "think it's true" it is for you. Looks to me like you like to ignore reality at all cost.
I have a family membership to the zoo, guess why, and I was at the river for a sunset a couple of days ago with my family.
You are right about one thing, I'm not enjoying Memphis. I wish I was, but, I'm not. It ain't fixed yet.