Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's Time To Be Able To Carry Guns To Visit Legislators

We’re assuming that it’s now O.K. to carry our guns into the Tennessee Capitol.

After all, if, in the opinions of our legislators, that we're not at risk from the their law allowing guns to be carried into restaurants and parks, it only makes sense that they’d allow us to also carry them into the halls of our legislature.

In the interest of consistency, surely gun-happy state legislators like Curry Todd, Brian Kelsey and Paul Stanley have no problem in removing the security guards checking for guns at the entrances to the Legislature.

In their blind devotion to the Second Amendment, it only makes sense that they wouldn’t want to prevent us from carrying our guns into Legislative Plaza when we visit them.

If it’s good enough for restaurants and parks, it should be good enough for them.


Cliff H. said...

Good point. Road Trip!

If you get your handgun carry permit I'll join you in a road trip to visit your favorite pro-self-defense state representative. Your handgun will, of course, have to remain holstered, unless there is a threat upon your life.

If we can't be armed and get past security to get into Legislative Plaza, since we will have permits we can just carry our handguns and meet your favorite representative in a decent Nashville steak or BBQ place-- at least, after the restaurant carry law takes effect, that is. Until then we will just have to leave the weapons behind in the car or something.

To carry a loaded weapon without the HCP is illegal in TN, so you will, of course, have to have your permit before the road trip. In my experience, RangeUSA and RangeMaster are nice places to take the permit class if you don't have a handgun carry permit already. Of course, you have to pass the class and meet all the legal requirements. That is not a problem for most TN residents, even those from Memphis.

My daughter really liked her class at RangeUSA- they had a class with a female instructor that was just for women. I wonder if that's where John Calipari's wife took the class when she got her permit? (I found out about Mrs. Calipari by browsing the database the Commercial Appeal made available to the whole world via the internet)

I like it that my daughter can legally have a choice about carrying a weapon to defend herself now when she goes out.

I pray she never needs to carry a handgun, or especially, to use one, but at least if she needs to do so she can have one legally now. You never know, boyfriends go crazy now and then...

I'd like to go to Nashville with you to thank the representatives for giving her the ability to freely make that choice rather than having the Naifeh nanny state continue to take that choice away from her.

Again, great idea. One of your clearer, more pragmatic posts. It will be fun, just like Animal House, except without the alcohol and drugs.

Zippy the giver said...

Didn't the legislators also forget to put stiff penalties in place for child molesters, rapists, and other violent felons that run the streets of Memphis? Take a look at the map and the stats on crime tracker or the real time crime center or the federal site, or the sex offender database, and don't the legislators also forget to have any effective rehabilitation in place for over 50 years, cultivating the mess we have now in collusion with the inattention and ineffectiveness of local leaders such as Willy Herenton, Bill Gibbons, and AC Wharton?
Yes is the answer to all of those questions!

Anonymous said...

If I were a guy anywhere near Cliff H.'s daughter, I'd eat in another part of town. People like Cliff who live their life in fear not of the unlikely propspect of crime but apparently of black people are just plain sad.

Anonymous said...

If these guys are so brave with their laws, why didn't they open up every public building to gun carriers-City Hall, courthouse, etc. Talk about two-faced.

FG said...

I prefer Eddie Izzard's take on the whole matter:

Zippy the giver said...

I prefer the reality of STATS!

It's interesting to note that he opportunity for crime per capita is much lower than the big cities but the commission rate here is off the charts "as reported" which you well know is 50% of actual crime commission gets reported. If it did all get reported here, you'd think you were in hell, the stats would be off the charts and into outer space.
People get tired of being victims of crime an either leave or fight back and sometimes that means "with gun".

Anonymous said...

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