Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bring Your Own Bike Lane

We've been tempted to organize a guerilla bike lane striping movement. While the city engineer's office treats it like it's virtually impossible to get this done, what if each of us just went out in front of our house and business and laid down a line for bikes?

But we've just seen something that may be useful before we stripe Memphis. It's a BYOL (bring your own lane) device that projects a bike lane behind you at night. You're still on your own during the day until the thinking of the city engineer's office gets into this century.


Jairus Durnett said...

"what if each of us just went out in front of our house and business and laid down a line for bikes?"

Count me in! Although it isn't the street in front of my house that really needs the bike lane. We need to stripe the larger, busier streets. Maybe not Poplar since it is barely wide enough for cars, but it looks like there is room on Walnut Grove and Park.

Zippy the giver said...

Sounds like we need to stripe our own lanes, when we needed a speed bump on our drug violence infested street being used as a hiway, they told us to shove it by doing nothing for looks like 5 years now, we heard every excuse in the book from our reps, now, they can't stripe a bike lane either.
Because it sounds and looks very much like absolutely nothing but EXTORT funds, bribes, which they already receive through taxes.
Do we pay them to warm a chair as our city sinks and depopulates from misery and being designed not to work?
Then there was the slow sign in front of the school crossing that is very busy, no slow or stop signs, no lights, no crossing stripes, NOTHING to demarkate that it is a busy crossing for elementary school kids going to and from school all year long (summer school too).
It looks like we employ dunces or criminals exclusively.
I think an FBI investigation into this is due also.

Stripe your own lane is the only solution.
It's called for Memphis citizens, it's time to run over the corrupt city government to make sure it is dead. Put up our own crosswalk stripes in front of schools too and if your neighborhood is crime infested and being used as a drug highway, put your own speed bumps in.
Just DO IT.
Don't bother thinking about it.
Just DO IT!

b said...

Great idea. Like the new look on the blog, btw. Much improved.

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