Monday, July 06, 2009

No Words Left

Today, we are speechless.

We find ourselves suffering from a exhausting case of drama fatigue from the swirling events in City Hall.

There's really not much else we can say, except that it's time for a fresh start. We hope the political games of chicken and the emphasis on oneupsmanship will end and that we can move on to a seamless, calm 90-day transition.


Anonymous said...

I am putting a lot of the blame on Myron Lowery. Under normal circumstances, getting your team together, even for a short stint, and making a plan of action is the correct thing to do.

However, we are dealing with a near megalomaniac who is motivated by what he perceives as respect or disrespect shown towards him and by protection of his "legacy."

Myron Lowery was elected with Willie Herenton and should have known Herenton's character and how he reacts to things.

He should have been quiet, deferring to Herenton and created the impression that he would make little change during his 90 days.

The former TV reporter couldn't do that and, as a result, we got Willie for maybe 20 more days, maybe longer, who knows?

toltecs said...

"We hope the political games of chicken and the emphasis on oneupsmanship will end and that we can move on to a seamless, calm 90-day transition."

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Aaron said...

Makes you wonder

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Myron is to blame for this fiasco, the blame is squarely and fairly placed on Willie. Willie has proven that his word is not his bond over and over.

Willie obviously does not care about the citizens, he just cares about Willie. When will the citizens quit making excuses and enabling his worse than foolish behavior?

Hopefully, the City Councilors will show courage by accepting the original letter of resignation and declaring a mayoral vacancy. That would be the right thing to do - are they up to it?

Will said...

Spoiler Alert: Willie isn't going anywhere. He may have been planning to leave, but he's not anymore.

End spoiler.

Anonymous said...

it's a shame he's most likely not leaving

packrat said...

what a freaking drama queen this guy is.

Tom Guleff said...

You haven't seen drama, yet. Just wait till a "change agent" attempts to correct the horrors of the last 18 years. You won't be able to fit all the political, civic, and spirtual drama queens on the steps of city hall trying to grab camera time on the local news. OR you can vote for AC.

Zippy the giver said...

I'd rather see the drama than vote for more thick muddy quiet where no one knows why or how.
The blame is 100% Herenton, we need to be looking into some sort of statute that if you announce your resignation more than once you MUST be removed from office by the original date.
Willy is a clown and a fool. He is obviously insane, we need to have him removed and a mandatory psychological evaluation done over 30 days. Anyone can see he has multiple personality disorders. Why no one has bothered to help this poor nut before is telling about his team. They don't care about him either.
We need him out or Memphis dies, it's like an evil clown holding progress hostage, he's sick sick sick.

Zippy the giver said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zippy the giver said...

If he is indicted or convicted while in office does he lose his pensions?
Is there some way we can make sure that happens in or out of office, like if the crimes happened while in office, pension is rescinded?
I'd like him to feel what his victims feel, loss of everything.

Zippy the giver said...

You were right about drama queens popping out of the woodwork, Chumney had no class at the meeting, Whalum had no class either. Two more nails for an already shut coffin. Carpenter has no class either, we'll never get the basics right with him at at the wheel.

There are more than two issues at stake here. There is crime/public safety, schools, and jobs/fair pay.
If you don't have a plan to address all of those, please get out of the race NOW.
Chumney never even backed any of her own resolutions, if she had this would have been over already, but nope, never happened. No spine.

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