Thursday, February 14, 2008

Maybe There Needs To Be A Memphis Condom

To follow up the topic of contraception in our latest post, we think the Memphis and Shelby County Health Department should follow the lead of its New York City counterpart and develop its own condoms.

To read more about the New York City condom, click here.


Anonymous said...

Many years ago, when we lived in a different community, my wife served on the board of Planned Parenthood. Every year they went to the local College and University and distributed free condoms for Valentine Day.

Once a year is not enough.

How about a Fighting Tiger Condom? Get Calipari to endorse it. Put a big #1 on it.

Smart City Consulting said...

Obvious tacky jokes aside, we think you're on to something.

Coach Calipari could be the secret to success, and he's just out of the box enough to do it.

Now, who wants to ask him?

Harvey said...

I don't want to support the Memphis condom, but if it becomes a reality, I will go to hell and back to prevent Bass Pro from being involved at all with the design.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.