Friday, February 08, 2008

This Week On Smart City: The Performance Of Cities

The world is obsessed with measurement, especially it seems when it comes to cities. We have the best city for lovers, the best city for families, the healthiest city for women - and men.

The Conference Board of Canada has introduced its own ranking of Canadian cities and compared their performance with key cities in the U.S. This week we'll talk to the man who led that study, Mario Lefebvre. Mario was project director of City Magnets: Benchmarking the Attractiveness of Canada's CMAs.

Also with us is Dr. Bridget Jones, who has put together a remarkably broad and effective coalition of elected officials, hunters, farmers, and traffic officials in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for smart growth and sustainability. Bridget is Executive Director of Cumberland Region Tomorrow.

Smart City
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Note: We've received numerous emails asking about the change in the broadcast time of Smart City in Memphis. We're extremely grateful to WKNO-FM for their instrumental role in making it possible to have this program in the first place and we will always remain so. In answer to emails, however, we did want to respond: If you would like the time moved to the later time that it previously had (as many of you have said), please contact the radio station program director.

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interesting video about non-car centric cities