Thursday, March 12, 2009

And 10 More Reasons

From Chris Johnston:

1. Greater Memphis Greenline, 13 miles of Rails to trails project work in progress!!!! Can't wait.

2. The fact that Memphis is NOT on everyones got to Live there List. WE have lots of room for improvement, but the original soul and decaying original edginess are nice, like a fine ole patina on a beautiful work of art.

3. Harbor Town/Riverwalk/Greenbelt park

4. The Pyramid, what a jewel, for a place called MEMPHIS, any other city would be falling over itsel. With great ideas for repurposing it, and not trying to PAY some corporation/group to take if off its hands!

5. High Point Terrace and Hedgemoor neighborhoods.

6. Overton Park, Save the Greensward!

7. Goldsmith Botanical Gardens and The Pink Palace. Have you been there lately?

8. Central Ave between Buntyn and Highland St. in the Spring/Summer, Gotta love our TREES!

9. Memphis Heritage Association, Helping to preserve our originality.

10. Shelby Farms Park and all the great things in the works there.

Thanks for a great Memphis website.

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