Sunday, March 01, 2009

Send Us Your List Of 10 Things You Love About Memphis

Thanks to every one who has sent in their personal list of 10 things they love about Memphis. We invite you to send in yours so we can post it here.


Anonymous said...

Here are 10, but could easily do more:

1. Our Civil Rights heritage
2. Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken
3. The Orpheum
4. Shelby Farms now and what it will be
5. The Wolf River
6. Memphis International Airport
7. Amenities of a large city, but I still know someone almost everywhere I go
8. 8th Best City in America to make movies and film
9. Memphis music of yesterday and today
10. Our yet unrealized potential to be one of the greatest cities in America -- herein lies the hope

Mike Carpenter

b said...

1. The fact that I-40 stops at Overton Park. Someone once rolled down their window at Broad and Parkway and said, "Excuse me, could you tell me where the interstate went?"
2. The Zoo
3. Overton Park
4. The River
5. Shelby Farms
6. Downtown revival
7. Local musicians
8. Midtown
9. The weather
10. Memphis Roller Derby
11. Memphis films and filmmakers
12. Museums - They're all great
13. BBQ, especially Central, Neely's and Cozy Corner
14. Live at the Gardens
15. The Memphis Symphony

Aaron said...

Here it is:
1. Trees everywhere
2. Central BBQ
3. Being anywhere in 30 minutes
4. Being 3 blocks from Cafe Eclectic
5. The music at the Levitt Shell
6. Snowden Elementary
7. Slower pace of life- watching my plants grow in the spring with a fresh cup of coffee each morning
8. Memphis inner city kids and the organizations that work with them
9. Memphis blogging community
10. Watching the Mississippi M-bridge sunset.

Jeff said...

10 things I love about Memphis:
1. Approaching Memphis from the Arkansas side late at night and seeing the beautifully lit "M" bridge.
2. Being a proud graduate of a division one University, the University of Memphis.
3. Overton Park
4. The beautiful old oak trees, how our city fathers from long ago decided not to cut down the trees to build an interstate through Overton Park.
5. Real "soul food".
6. Real BBQ, often imitated but never duplicated.
7. My integrated church.
8. Our rich civil rights heritage.
9. If you need it, high-quality medical care.
10. A sense that Memphis can always improve and become a better place to live and work.
Jeff Cozzens