Monday, September 21, 2009

First Impressions From North Riverside


Renee said...

PHOTO 1: Who's Winnebago/mobile home IS that and why are they permitted to live there, and how can I get that spot?!! That vehicle is always there!

PHOTO 2: Ugh. That is the real problem. Should have never been built. Take it down. Put a grassy bluff there and on top of that, put a celebrative "Arts in the Park"!!

PHOTO 3: Green space to the left, instead of parking. The buildings to the left are are some of the most historic buildings in town... Our (Memphis') original riverfront!

PHOTO 4: No big expense there... find another place for those dumpsters and you'll be able to see across the river to Arkansas. Beautiful sunset right there.

Anonymous said...

any restaurants use the dumpsters?

and what time do they pick up?

Anonymous said...

looks like a perfect place for transit oriented development, green space, and the Memphis Artpark.

Joey Hagan, AIA said...

The dumpsters are used by the Pier and the Butcher shop. I'm not sure when they are picked up.

It should be noted that our design not only adds lively decor to the face of the garage, but also removes the top two floors. This puts the artists market at Front Street level providing views to the river from Front as well as handicapped access to the park and the river walk.

Rest assured that as the project moves forward we will be soliciting design comments from the general public. This project will be the new wreath on the front door to Memphis and we welcome the comments of all its users. Oh yea, Renee, the Winnebago belongs to a prominent local judge who keeps it stored there. That's how you get that spot.......

Anonymous said...

I was looking for dinner, man.
not aesthetics.

Carol Coletta said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. Let's hope some mayoral candidate takes notice.

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