Thursday, September 03, 2009

Great Beaches Labor Day Surfing

Some folks are picking our their beach reading for the Labor Day weekend, so in case you're where there's wi-fi, here are some ideas.

We continue to live vicariously through Revolutions Bike Shop's Anthony Siracusa on his pedaling adventure. He made it to Amsterdam today, and you can read his account on his blog as he explores the way that bicycling connects and shapes a city’s character.

Speaking of bicyclists, Cort Percer, who works at the Peddler on Highland has a biking blog of his own. We especially enjoyed his post that included Live From Memphis video about Revolutions Bicycle Shop. Thanks to his mother, Suzanne Allen, for recommending the blog and the video.

The Memphis Music Magnet project continues to take shape under the direction of Charlie Santo and the University of Memphis' outstanding Graduate Program in City and Regional Planning. The neighborhood revitalization project in the Soulsville neighborhood is a fascinating experiment in place-making, using arts and culture, history and creativity as the instruments for the rebirth of the area. A new website updates us on the project's progress.

In support of our call for a guerrilla bike lane movement, Mary Fryman sent us information about a bike accessory that leaves chalk marks on the road behind bicyclists. It's a way to reclaim part of the road as shared space as cyclists mark their territory, and it's a great adjunct to the night-time bike lane accessory.

We remain impressed by the progress that Margot McNeely has made with Project Green Fork. It seems that it was just a few months ago that she had begun her pilot project to certify Memphis restaurants for their sustainability practices, and now, there are a dozen and growing. If only she could get some support from City of Memphis with a real commercial recycling program, the full impact of the program could be felt.

Mike Hollihan sent us the link to a fascinating talk by Stanford economist Paul Romer about his concept of "charter cities" that can break free of poverty and old rules. It's provocative and timely. By the way, Mr. Hollihan's work on the Main Street Journal website makes it a regular place for us to get an overview of the important news in Memphis.

Finally, if you haven't visited Live From Memphis lately, there's always something new and provocative there from Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming.


Nancy Thompson said...

The Memphis Music Magnet is splendid. Cities that need population, culture, or economic activity of a particular type have to cultivate the atmosphere that will support what they need. There's no substitute for careful, persistent, and detailed strategies that target particular economic sectors. And in Memphis, music would be a strength worth building.

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