Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Region: Built To Last?

Here's the winner The Congress for New Urbanism contest. This short film explores the connection between New Urbanism and environmental issues, all of which is especially pertinent to Memphis and our region. Click here for film.


Midtowner said...

It's only a winner in the eyes of the faithful.

To me, it's pretty poor ... not even cute ... and it has poor grammar to boot. (Should be fewer parking garages instead of less parking garages.)

Smart City Consulting said...

It's not about being faithful. It's about being competitive.

Will said...

I understand the goal of "New Urbanism" and I DO think that Memphis has way too much sprawl, but the culture in the South (unlike the Northeast)is such that people want space. Most people still have the (American) dream of living in a single family home with a spacious yard surrounding it. I don't see that changing for a long time


Whatever people want that in the end "doesn't workout" is called a mistake and when included in plans is called the "fatal flaw", that kills the futures of those involved in the outcome of the plan.
People may want space, but, in the end, it may not serve them.

Fashionable Earth said...

Amazing. We also wrote about it here:

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