Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Streets

The American Planning Association has posted its 10 great streets as part of its annual Great Places in America project.

Check out these 10 great streets, and let us know what Memphis street should be on this list. Or, give us your 10 great Memphis streets.


Harvey said...

Cooper Ave. could be on this list, if it had a bit more natural beauty alongside it. Of course that is no fault of the owners of all the excellent businesses and restaurants on that street. Maybe the city should strive to pretty things up?

Chuck said...

The Comprehensive Plan for the University District, as adopted by the Memphis City Council, calls for Highland from Poplar to Park to be a "Great American Street". This can be achieved if all participants who created the plan continue to work on implementation and refinement (market studies, detailed designs, public way upgrades, etc)


Carol said...

Either the photos do not do them justice or some of the streets are far, far below "great." Boring!

Smart City Consulting said...

It's clear that our local planners need to get more involved in APA so we can get more acknowledgement in these kinds of beauty contests.

Anonymous said...

Belvedere between Union and Central.

The main drag through Prospect Park.

North Parkway.

The street where Eclectic cafe is located.

South Main despite its starts and stops.

Poplar between Barksdale and Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that our local planners need to get more involved in APA.

It's clear that SCM should voluntarily pay their Asociation dues, since the county budget no longer supports any such frivolities and the scant remaining staff is busy clinging to their desks day to day.

Anonymous said...

Poplar Avenue. "WHAT!" you say? Our longest street is horribly ugly and has great beauty, depending on where you are. It has some of the greatest shopping in the City and some great employment centers. The most in demand neighborhoods are within a mile or so of it, from downtown to the Fayette county line.

We take it for granted but Poplar is the heart and the personification of Memphis.

Louise said...

We tried hard to get our planners, LUCB members, local legislators and Mayors to join APA. Some did, some did not. Dues were only paid for higher echelon of OPD, which seems to be the exact opposite of what should have been done. It is the beginning planners that need the exposure to APA and other organizations.

My solution was, and still is, to share everything with the staff. Magazines, journals, conference opportunities with the entire staff. I send material regularly.

Early on, AICP membership was completely discouraged because 2 Directors were not a members and had no inclination to pursue the same. The U of M initiated a class to help with passing the AICP exam (in our world equivalent to passing the Bar) and we (members of the OPD staff) participated in helping to educate new planners.

Anon. 3:40 (I think I know who you are!) is exactly correct. And with the current administration of OPD who are not city planners, I guess it may continue. Maybe they will see how an investment in their planners will pay off through exposure to new techniques, innovative plans and programs in other cities, etc., etc.

We need to change OPD from its mission of bolstering political agendas to returning to a City/County centric agency that really cares about the future of our City and County.

antisocialist said...


Anonymous said...

dear louise:

I have a windmill for you to borrow on a Buehler lot you can tilt at all the live long day.

Tis a Slippery Rock we stand upon who tries to change the culture of that make work bunker for the marginally employable.
keep trying though..somebody should really DO something Different, someday.

Louise said...

Anon 11:32


You made my day!

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