Thursday, October 08, 2009

Notices From Academia

We wanted to mention a couple of things going on that might interest you.

One, this semester's students of the Urban Revitalization Planning class at the University of Memphis are producing a new blog about Memphis. It is entirely the product of graduate students in City Planning and Architecture. You might enjoy the students’ views.

Also, Jennifer Sciubba, a professor at Rhodes College working with its new Environmental Studies Program tells us that they're hosting a speaker on Monday night who will talk about issues that should be right up our alley. Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon will speak about his general theories on environmental issues (broadly defined).


Louise said...

The blogs presented by the students are full of incite and youthful enthusiasm. They also cover some really interesting topics and hot button issues.

These students look like they will make excellent professional city planners. The type of youth we need to hang on to if we can.

Thanks Gene.

Midtowner said...

No comments are allowed on the blog otherwise I'd tell Jennajet that Norfolk Southern won't share the tracks or the ROW along Poplar for light rail for her "Zipper Zone".

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