Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deidre Malone: New Year's Resolution For Memphis

Deidre Malone is chair of the Shelby County Board of Commissioners:

In 2009, I hope we can solve some of the long standing problems facing our community or at least make a substantial dent in finding solutions.

Examples include finding sustainable funding for Memphis and Shelby County Schools, realizing that efficiency and accountability go hand in hand with that solution. Over the years single source funding has been discussed for schools. Maybe we can put that in the achieved column for 2009.

I also wish that we can get a better handle on our healthcare disparity and funding issues this year. We are on all the “worst” lists when it comes to health related issues – obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and infant mortality.

It would be a terrific year if we can turn some of those statistics around and become more serious about our health.

I’m really hoping for a major positive impact with our economy. Job loss is at an all time high. I’m hopeful that President Obama’s plan can help get this country on the right track and stabilize our economy.


Anonymous said...

Enlighten me about President Obama's plan. I haven't seen one or been able to download one, is there a link I can click?
I hope we get off those lists this year too, but, it's going to take some time for the effects of "just stopping the madness" to be accurate and be tabulated.

Anonymous said...

the tablets its written on ain't dry yet.

Anonymous said...

its really intresting blog

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