Sunday, January 11, 2009

Emily Trenholm's New Year's Resolution For Memphis

Emily Trenholm heads the Community Development Council in Memphis:

Thinking back on 2008 and ahead to 2009, my desire for our city and county is that we not let our economic woes slow our momentum in creating a more livable and sustainable community.

In recent years, several new initiatives have taken shape that promise to make our city healthier, more attractive, and economically viable, including Sustainable Shelby, Greening Greater Memphis, and the long-awaited Unified Development Code, among others.

Even when our economy was more robust, such efforts often were viewed as frivolous and not worthy of our time and energy, as compared to the (very real) problems of crime and schools. Now that foreclosures and unemployment are rising, and tax revenues falling, it will be even more tempting to put these initiatives on the back burner to await a better day.

Let’s not do that.

Even as we turn our attention to helping those that need the most, we must also maintain our positive momentum in areas that promise to deliver long-term benefits to all of our citizens, help attract new businesses and residents, and shape the growth and development of our community in a manner that supports our urban neighborhoods in addition to our suburban communities.


Anonymous said...

You got that right, too bad no one even got into action with a workable plan about that before.
So, you'll have a nice sustainable city full of felons soon, I didn't know they cared about any of that. They don't, because they have no rehab program to teach them how to be human and live like a human, something that was stolen from them when their families first went broke, got no educations, no inheritance of money or property, and no treatment for the post traumatic stress disorder that is rampant and generations thick here.
I think if someone was to be a light, they would by example begin THIS mission before thinking about the comfort of their own tukkas in the city. The fact that no effective and comprehensive program exists here is not just the reason for crime and illegitimate children to become the family business for many here, but it is an atrocity that describes how your rich view less fortunate in this city, with condescension and snobbery.
Memphis better grow out of that before it's too late or deserve the hell on earth that can be instead of the paradise you wish you could get cooperation to build.
A program,
A place to work,
A job that contributes to your vision performed by those who need work and rehab, that pays enough money to correct the disparity over some time through work there,
Ownership of the results by the rehab workers,
Workers from rehab fix the city they contributed in breaking and in return get a real future for their families that doesn't include crime,
The workers build wind generators and install them all over the city to get MLGW and DEADBEAT city off the people's back, then they sell them to he nation for profit. Then the country doesn't pollute the air or get over-billed for coal, natural gas, or electricity, then they can make electric busses for mass transit
AL from recycled materials.
It's time to stop arguing for the grip and "reality" of the circumstances and begin arguing in favor of a plan.
Or maybe you like living in

Anonymous said...

hey great idea!
and when the wind doesn't blow they can burn off the carbs from all that malt liquor by turning the things in a big wheel. sorta like a hamster.

solves several problems.

Anonymous said...

Its will be really green city ..after they bulldoze it to the ground.
thanks for sharing
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