Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tomeka Hart: Thoughts For 2009

Tomeka Hart is chair of the board of commissioners of Memphis City Schools and executive director of Memphis Urban League:

My prayer is that Memphis leaders (elected, appointed, community, faith-based, etc.) will develop a holistic and comprehensive plan to fight the real enemy of our progress — POVERTY. I hope that all plans related to crime, education, health, and economic development attack the root problem so that we can see sustainable growth and improvement in this great community.

Additionally, I pray that all in the Memphis region will finally come to the realization that we are in this together. All cities, towns, and neighborhoods in this region depend on and need a strong Memphis. By working together and building on each others’ strengths, we will see great economic development opportunities, which will lead to, well— sustainable growth and improvement in this great community!


Anonymous said...

I vote you for mayor after consolidation or if we have to, to actually get it to happen. Willy can't get anything done.
That's the first post I've read that makes any real sense in the "ultimate reality" that doesn't care about opinions or agendas.

Anonymous said...

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