Friday, January 16, 2009

Linn Sitler: A 2009 Resolution

Linn Sitler is the president of the Memphis and Shelby County Film Commission:

A resolution?

One of my new year's resolutions is to -- as Knox Phillips, bearer of Memphis' biggest heart -- told me years ago, "...get on The High Road."

From Knox, my Mother, my religion, and the teachings of Norman Vincent Peale, I've learned time and time again how things seem so much better, when I look for the positive in every person, every situation, and in myself. How easy though to forget this. For 2009, I resolve to think positively. Hope to see more than Knox on "The High Road" in 2009 also.

An observation? Although I (voluntarily) have no children, I am amazed at how much time, money, love, effort, and thought are really needed today to ATTEMPT to successfully bring up a help form a human being. So why do so many women have so many children? And where are the fathers? No wonder there is so much crime with too many children with little or no support system and safety net.

Insight? Memphis has changed a lot since I moved here at an undetermined age (ha) in 1964 from three years in Wiesbaden, Germany. We've grown up. We're a lot more interesting. We're a lot more accepting. And some of us know how cool we are when we didn't back then.


Anonymous said...

There's a bit more to it than that and looking for the positive while standing neck deep in the poop of crime is the biggest probem in Memphis, denial by our "leadership" and apathy on the part of the citizens which would be better described as bewilderment at the lack of inclusion for real solutions instead of schemes and parades designed to bilk the the public trust.

David said...

A few years away from Memphis has given me perspective on what a negative, self-loathing place it is. But there is nowhere to go but up for Memphis, and the High Road is the way to get there.
Thanks Linn

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